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Island Pink

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Island Pink

Island Pink offers what most of us have been lacking when it comes to cannabis – a versatile, thorough, and utterly delicious experience. All in one package! This strain is both tasty and powerful, with ample Indica effects, as well as an uplifting and euphoric experience. Needless to say, your mind and body should go through a great transformation where your quality of life improves dramatically over the course of the next hours.

Skunky and flowery flavour

There’s a lot to be said about Island Pink’s general characteristics, including flavour, aroma, and looks:

  • Flavour – Insanely delicious doesn’t do it justice thanks to the flowery skunk and candy vanilla sweetness suffusing everywhere. This flavour is just too good to ignore, so don’t!
  • Fragrance – If you enjoyed the flavour, then you’ll surely enjoy the flowery and fragrant aroma. There’s a sweet vanilla sniff waiting for you, alongside a floral and skunky smell on the exhale.
  • Looks – With its neon-green nugs covered in pink hairs and frosty-sandy trichomes, Island Pink leaves nothing to be wanted. Even its visual impression is strong enough to stun you senseless!

Very high THC concentration at 24-27%

Island Pink isn’t strong. Rather, it’s very strong, with its huge THC concentration and 80% Indica profile. You should expect a series of unbeatable relaxing effects that give you plenty of reasons to enjoy this experience. At first, you’ll experience a wave of euphoric electricity jolting your brain to life. It’s a cerebral high worth remembering because it ends just as quickly as it begins. Before long, you’ll be welcomed by the body high, which is more than satisfactory.

You’ll love the relaxing vibes it gives off when the high reaches a peak. You’ll feel a slight numbness attacking your head and then spreading downward. Once it manages to take over your body, you’ll realize just how good it feels. All that relaxation and sedation offer a feeling of comfort that you hadn’t known before. It’s not a surprise that this strain is 80% Indica.

Indica-dominant strain

That’s right, Island Pink is 80% Indica, which means relaxation and sedation are second nature to it. While there’s a certain sense of euphoria in the beginning, it all dies down when the high reaches the peak. Once you feel a numbness in your upper abdomen and at the back of your head, that’s when the physical sedation begins. It’s rejuvenating and quite tranquil!

Pink Kush X Unknown Indica hybrid strain

Island Pink is a cross between the all-time popular Pink Kush and an otherwise unknown Indica strain:

  • Pink Kush – An offspring of legendary OG Kush, this strain is very sweet, with a vanilla aftertaste, and a 90% Indica profile. It can relax even the most exhausted person, offering lots of sleepiness.
  • Unknown Indica hybrid – While we don’t know its precise name, we believe this strain was quite tasty and Indica-dominant. Probably an exotic strain with soothing relaxing effects.
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