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Ice Cream Cake

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Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake is famous for its sweet vanilla and cookie cream cheese taste. In addition to a delicious aroma and flavour, this marijuana bud also carries THC levels that average around 25% offering moderately potent effects. Ice Cream Cake is an evening strain as it contains 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. Because of its potency, this marijuana strain is a great option for more experienced users. It isn’t necessarily off-limits to new users, as long as they practice caution by starting with a very small dose and going very slow with it. 

A Cerebral Push

Ice Cream Cake generally starts its high with a positive cerebral push that oftentimes offers a sense of comfort and ease coupled with feelings of encouragement. This euphoric and uplifting high may ease tensions in your body while sweeping away negativity from your mood and mind. 

This marijuana bud might be a great choice when you wish to disconnect from the worries and concerns of your day. When you need a mental break from worries and a positive vibe, this cannabis strain might be the answer to that. 

A Heavy Relaxation

Ice Cream Cake delivers a potent physical high that can cause you to melt into your couch depending on the dosage. As your body settles into a state of rest and soothing calmness, your mind might drift into ease and dreams. 

This Indica bud may lift you up when you are feeling low, relaxing your body when tensions cause struggles and discomforts. The heavy body high of Ice Cream Cake is known to lead its users into a restful sleep that usually lasts through the night. 

A Delightful Taste

Ice Cream Cake doesn’t disappoint with its aroma and taste, as even its name suggests. A burst of vanilla, nuts, cookies, fruits, and cream cheese draw you in. Flashes of lemony spiciness elevate the overall experience coupled with a smooth smoke. The sweet notes of this strain linger as an aftertaste for a while. 

Colourful Nugs

Ice Cream Cake doesn’t play it down when it comes to its appearance. This weed strain produces nugs that feature different shades of green and purple, creating a sense of awe and joy in the admirer. Rusty, orange and copper-coloured pistils decorate the looks of this plant with added beauty. Frosty, crystal-like trichomes are present throughout the surface of this strain in great numbers.

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