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Huautla is one of the greatest mushrooms strains out there. A Mexican native strain with a long and skinny stalk, and a hemispheric cap, Huautla looks rather nice on a first glance. Though, don’t mistake this for its lack of potency because it’s just a front. If anything, this strain is particularly powerful and psychedelic, with hardcore effects that’ll make you stoned in an instant! It also offers a couple of therapeutic benefits that most medical patients would be interested in.

It can improve your mood and creativity, and set the stage for a relaxing journey into your subconscious. Huautla is especially introspective and spiritual in nature, as the psychedelic state takes you further than you’ve ever been into your mind. Nothing is as it seems once you get high on this mushroom. Even veteran mushroom consumers will have something to look forward to with this strain!

Is Huautla potent or forgiving?

In general, Mexican mushrooms are known for their increased potency and psychedelic effects. With Huautla, you’ll have to watch out for the visual hallucinations that’ll overwhelm your mind. As soon as you take a bite into it, this strain will offer a series of psychedelic effects, such as:

  • Visual and auditory hallucinations
  • Synesthesia
  • Spiritual apparitions
  • Confusing dancing lights
  • Temporal distortions
  • Deep revelatory feelings
  • Profound connectedness
  • Ego dissolution

If consumed in low-enough doses, Huautla doesn’t completely take you by surprise or freak you out. Instead, it’ll lead you by hand down the rabbit hole, where a whole psychedelic adventure awaits you. Consumers often report wild hallucinations with colourful apparitions, dancing lights, and time dilation events. Depending on the dose, you may also experience the “ego death” effect, which scares most people away. It’s a form of depersonalization, a loss of your subjectivity, which comes closer to spiritual death.

Is there anything you should know when consuming Huautla?

The silver lining to this mushroom strain is that the more you consume in a sitting, the stronger the effects become. The psychedelic experience becomes more intense and more potent. The visual hallucinations may become more vivid and life-like, blurring the line between fiction and reality. Time dilation occurs more often, and the synesthesia confuses you even more. Practically, all the effects last longer, they become more intense, and this means you become more stoned.

If you want to avoid this and instead play it safer, then we suggest lowering the dose. Moreover, you should visualize your goals for the sitting. When it comes to magic mushrooms like Huautla, the more precise your goals and the calmer you are, the better the experience is. Your mental state is paramount in reaching a deep state into the psychedelia. You could also try microdosing if you’re not interested in the psychedelic effects at all. Microdosing only offers therapeutic benefits and personal improvements throughout the day!

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