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Green Crack

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Green Crack

Green Crack was originally named Cush or Green Cush, yet Snoop Dogg named it Green Crack after trying it out. While there’s another strain bearing the same name (Indica-dominant), the one we’re presenting here is Sativa-dominant, and the absolute favourite among consumers. Its THC concentration can reach 15-25%, clearly a sign of immense potency. Green Crack is a mood booster through and through, and this begins with your first smoke!

Sweet citrus flavour

Few things are as pleasant as a sweet, citrus-infused cannabis strain. Green Crack is more than impressive with its:

  • Flavour - At first, the citrus flavour will hit you with an intense acrid yet sweet taste. There’s a hint of fresh and invigorating pine wafting about, as well.
  • Fragrance - The mango aroma clouds your mind with a sweet and earthy smell, yet it all comes back to citrus in the end.
  • Looks - Dense and tight buds, with a dark-green colour and a layer of orange hairs sprouting about, Green Crack looks quite good!

High THC concentration at 15-25%

This strain is massively potent, and this isn’t even a debate. Most consumers report feeling extremely euphoric and energetic after taking a few smokes. This falls in line with the Sativa-dominant profile of Greek Crack. Its effects are cerebral for the most part, with streaks of heightened creativity and sharper focus. A jolt of energy will hit your mind, rejuvenating your motivation and increasing your energy levels for the time being. It feels very good according to those who’ve tried it.

Green Crack should be of help in increasing your productivity and helping you get things done for the day. It’ll retain your focus intact and enhance your effectiveness and productivity. That’s why Snoop Dogg called this strain one of his favourites, most likely. It helped him through the creative process when composing his masterpieces. Well, the many users who’ve smoked Green Crack agree with him on this note.

Sativa-dominant hybrid

This strain is 65% Sativa, and while there’s an Indica-dominant variant out there, it’s not as popular with the public as this one. Green Crack is hugely potent, with ample euphoria that should invade your mind from the get-go. It may energize your mind so much that you’ll be confused during the first few moments. But that’s alright, since everyone goes through this process.

Skunk #1 lineage

Green Crack is the result of inbreeding, instead of combining two different strains. There’s only one parent to speak of:

  • Skunk #1 - Skunky and pungent legend Skunk #1 needs no introduction. This Indica hybrid is soothing, yet also energetic and creative, with a potent earthy and skunky flavour.
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