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Gorilla Bomb

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Gorilla Bomb

Gorilla Bomb, even though it contains higher levels of Sativa than Indica with a ratio of 60-40, you should save smoking this strain when your plans include relaxation, watching a movie, and simply chilling on the couch. The high of this strain can significantly boost your mood and relax your body. 

A Relaxed Body For A Lazy Time

After a long day of tiresome work, who wouldn’t want to forget about all worries and tension and easily relax at home? Gorilla Bomb can help you kick back and relax. This cannabis strain carries THC levels that average between 26% and 31%, making its effects highly potent. 

Gorilla Bomb can help your body ease up the tension so it can relax in a comforting way. This marijuana bud should be consumed mindfully even by experienced users because of its strong effects.

Unique Flavour Combination

Gorilla Bomb offers a unique, fun, and enjoyable aroma and flavour experience. Typically, you can notice a harmonious mix of chocolate and diesel notes perfected by hints of pine and earth. The experience of smoking or dabbing this cannabis plant falls nothing short of amazing and delightful. 

In general, the candy-like flavour of Gorilla Bomb can go unnoticed as it doesn’t come through strongly. Most users treat this plant more as a savoury bud. But regardless if you would categorize Gorilla Bomb as savoury or not, its aroma and taste are still a wonderful treat to experience.

An Explosive High

Gorilla Bomb does not let its users down as it generally delivers a powerful punch when it comes to its effects. When you grab this bud, make sure you either finish your to-do list beforehand or you simply forget about it for the time being. Gorilla Bomb is not about to launch you into a super productive state, but it is about to soothe you into great relaxation while helping you feel positive and happy feels. 

This marijuana bud is your best buddy when you wish to forget about work and chores and simply enjoy a much-needed and wanted rest, both mentally and physically. Just remember, its relaxation can easily turn into a couch-lock effect if your tolerance level is low and the dosage you consume is quite high. Even if you are well experienced in your walks with cannabis, if you are new to this strain you might want to start small and go slow. 

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