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GMO Cookies

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GMO Cookies

GMO Cookies, also referred to as Garlic Cookies, has a strong aroma and taste of garlic followed by a combination of mushroom, onions, coffee, and pungent spicy notes.

This strain came to be by crossing Chemdawg with Girl Scout Cookies. This resulted in a weed with a heavy Indica content with a ratio of about 90/10 (Indica/Sativa).

Because it carries THC levels that can usually average between 22-24% with some batches reaching as high as 33%, GMO Cookies is best for experienced marijuana users.

This bud is mainly used for an evening of comforting relaxation, both mentally and physically. 

A Sedative Body High

GMO Cookies, thanks to its heavy Indica content and very high THC levels, generally carries sedative properties. This body high may gently but effectively numb a myriad of physical discomforts, enabling you to lay on your couch without many worries. 

The effects of this marijuana bud can act very fast and they may last for a longer period of time. When smoking this strain, besides munching on some snacks and watching a movie, there is probably not much else you will want to do. 

An Intense Taste

GMO Cookies has a very interesting scent and aroma combination. The main flavour and aroma notes are garlic, mushrooms, and onions. Yet, users have described noticing a variety of other undertones when smoking this strain, including coffee, peppery, citrus, and in some cases even herbal and sweet. 

An Unexpected Appearance

Even though GMO Cookies is an Indica plant, its appearance resembles the characteristics of a Sativa strain. This plant grows to a medium size and carries great resiliency against most plant diseases.

Its buds are significantly long and they usually are olive green. Its leaves may uncover some purple streaks, especially in colder temperatures. Vivid orange pistils make their presence known among the deep green buds. This plant generally produces a resinous layer of trichomes.

Not For Beginners

GMO Cookies is a very potent strain and it is not suited for novice cannabis users. Its potent smoke can deliver a strong and intense body high even for experienced users. With the proper amount, you shouldn’t get into a couch-lock effect. Instead, you might find yourself feeling light and giggly, especially within a fun setting and with great friends. 

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