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Gelato Cake

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Gelato Cake

Gelato Cake has a unique flavour and aroma, one oozing off creaminess, sweetness, vanilla, and sour citrus. It’s a complete masterstroke of culinary deliciousness that won’t be forgotten no matter what. And this strain isn’t just tasty, but also potent in its own right. Gelato Cake has a THC concentration of 20-25%, quite high for any strain out there. Its cerebral effects are profound, with ample euphoria and happiness, while the body high is similarly deep and potent.

Unique creamy-vanilla flavour

If you haven’t smoked a delicious strain before, then Gelato Cake is the perfect starting point:

  • Flavour - A sour vanilla flavour that feels so creamy you almost won’t believe this is a cannabis strain you’re smoking. There’s a citrus and pine flavour in there, as well.
  • Fragrance – Diesel, earthiness, more of the same citrus-infuse vanilla, and a strong odour of fresh pine. That’s how Gelato Cake smells like!
  • Looks – Its grape-shaped nugs are dark-olive green, with plenty of thin, orange hairs that are spread around the bud. There are solid crystals trichomes lying around, as well.

Very high THC concentration at 20-25%

Considering how high its THC concentration is, Gelato Cake deserves all the respect we can offer. Though, the high isn’t vibrant or too exhilarating, with only a slowly-creeping euphoria that steadily improves your mood during the initial phase. It’ll ease your stress and enhance your creativity, as well. A form of pure happiness envelops your mind, and you may start giggling for no apparent reason. But that’s where the euphoria ends, only to be replaced by endless relaxation.

A relaxing high takes over your body with signs of numbing and sleepiness that appear progressively. At first, though, you’ll feel very lazy and lethargic, with no reason to get off the couch. As the physical sedation ebbs throughout your body, it’ll pulse constantly with waves of relaxing calmness that you should fully enjoy. When the couch-lock sedation hits, you’re already relaxed beyond a doubt!

Indica-dominant profile

Gelato Cake has been devised as an Indica-dominant hybrid meant to send relaxing and sedative vibes in any consumer. And that’s what it does, with a bit of euphoria to sweeten things up. As the high reaches a peak, you’ll be welcomed by the best relaxation you’ve felt in a long time. It slowly turns into endless couch-lock sedation that leaves you immovable and senseless. A blissful experience that you won’t soon forget, we’re sure of that!

Gelato #33 X Wedding Cake

A truly unique heritage, Gelato Cake meets superior psychoactive standards thanks to its parents:

  • Gelato #33 – The infamous delicious strain of epic proportions, Gelato #33 is sickly sweet, spiced with lavender and blueberry aromas, offering a creative high that doesn’t end too soon.
  • Wedding Cake – A fruity and aromatic strain that tastes of cherry pies and cookies, this bud will mess up your mind with its creative euphoria and relaxing Indica sleepiness.
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