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Fruit Punch

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Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch is the type of strain you want to keep by your side at all times. When it comes a time you need a sweet treat, take out Fruit Punch, light up your joint, and start treating yourself to something good! This super delicious strain packs a powerful punch worth 18-25% THC, and a 70% Sativa profile. Its effects will clearly target your lifeless mind as it can infuse euphoria and energy until you feel better than ever!

Tropical and tangy flavour

Few strains are as delicious as Fruit Punch. Even the name is a direct reflection of its deliciousness:

  • Flavour – On your first taste, you’ll get a mouthful for lemon, berries, and tangy sweetness, with a bit of tropical dashes.
  • Fragrance – More of the same fruitiness welcomes you here, with a dash of spicy pine for extra flavour. Though, the sweet berry exhale will take your mind away!
  • Looks – Lumpy green nugs covered with bright-orange hairs will take your eyes away. The coat of whiteish trichomes contribute to the excellent impression, as well.

High THC at 18-25% concentration

In Fruit Punch’s case, we’re talking about above-average potency, with a maximum threshold that should be better than 70% of other strains on the market. The cerebral buzz will keep you energized for a few solid hours, with euphoria and happiness taking hold of your brain. It’ll enhance your motivation and make you more sociable, while also uplifting your mood. In other words, it can really do you a favour if you’re not feeling well.

What you probably don’t expect from this strain is the sense of laziness and relaxation that come toward the end of the high. While it enhances your motivation and mood, Fruit Punch also prepares your body for the final physical relaxation that aims to keep you on the floating line. It’s a state of utter tranquility and bliss that both feel very satisfactory and tasty!

Sativa-dominant hybrid

If you thought that Fruit Punch is a snoozy and sedative Indica, with all that punchy and citrusy fruitiness, then you’re dead-wrong. This strain couldn’t have been anything else other than an energetic Sativa. While you’re eating this tasty bowl of Fruity Pebbles, you’ll feel a heavy dose of euphoria and cerebral buzzing running around your head. It’s all going to give you an edge, so smoke without worries!

Skunk X Haze X Northern Lights

Fruit Punch is a cross between three great strains:

  • Skunk – Sour, skunky, and earthy flavours combined in a mix-up of Indica dominance and 15-19% THC concentration. Skunk is a really peaceful and soothing strain for anyone out there.
  • Haze – This citrusy and sweet Sativa-dominant strain is famous for its cerebral high and creative effects. It can rejuvenate your brain and body in a matter of minutes, giving you a good enough reason to be sociable.
  • Northern Lights – This pure Indica strain comes from illustrious origins, with its Afghani landrace parent. It can relax your instantly, and instill a state of constant sleepiness that’s both spicy and sweet.
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