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Frostbite is one of those strains you’d rather not cross with unless you know what you’re doing. It’s very potent, in other words. With its 85% Sativa profile and 15-21% THC concentration, this strain can deliver incredible cerebral effects in a split second. With your first smoke comes a flow of adrenaline-infused energy that pits your mind against a wave of euphoria and happiness. You won’t know how to react other than start laughing uncontrollably. Frostbite is quite dank, with a fruity and skunky flavour!

Berry-hash dank flavour

This strain smells very fruity and hashy, but the flavour takes you by complete surprise, as well:

  • Flavour – The skunky hash flavour comes together with a berry, tarte-like aroma that sends tingles of pleasure throughout your mouth. You’ll also feel a woody and pine-like flavour with this.
  • Fragrance – Dankness, fruitiness, and a lot of hash aromas will meet you face to face. The fragrance is a really potent one, and you won’t be able to ignore it for too long. Whether you like it or not depends on your preferences.
  • Looks – Green buds with shades of blue and purple, amidst a sea of orange given by the hairs, and a whiteish stream of crystalized trichomes, this is what Frostbite is all about.

Good THC concentration at 15-21%

Sitting at 15-21%, this THC concentration isn’t exactly one of the highest in the industry, but it’s also not the lowest either. Far from it, since Frostbite has an electrifying cerebral and energizing high. It can really assault your mind with intense euphoria that doesn’t go away easily. You’ll feel happier, more creative, and more sociable than you’ve ever been. You may also get the munchies after smoking Frostbite! You’ll feel much better after smoking it, that’s for sure.

Once you’re done with the euphoria and uplifting feelings, it’s time for the relaxing state to do its thing. A couple of sedative effects come unannounced, sending a body high straight to your bones and muscles. The body stoning experience is super smooth and soothing, with nudges of couch-lock here and there. But nothing to serious, since Frostbite is an 85% Sativa hybrid, after all. It's bound to have energetic and euphoric effects, and we'd be surprised if it was different.

Sativa-dominant hybrid

Like we said previously, Frostbite is Sativa-dominant, and this ensures a series of euphoria-driven effects. We’re talking about:

  • Enhanced creativity
  • Improved mood
  • Soothing tranquility
  • Higher energy levels
  • Better social skills
  • Uncontrollable laughter

These effects come unannounced right after you take that first smoke. They won’t end until you finish smoking or when the high reaches a peak. They’ll be replaced by the physical and sedative effects. Though, this doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly feel less happy. Quite the contrary, since sedation brings a lot of comfort and relaxation, improving your already euphoric disposition even further.

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