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Diesel Dough

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Diesel Dough

Being a highly stimulating strain, Diesel Dough is a wonderful bud to be smoked in the morning time or during the day. This cannabis flower works its magic when it comes to reaching a state of euphoria where your whole being can feel energised and stimulated. 

With Diesel Dough, creativity can flow easily. In a social setting, you might find yourself enjoying conversations and just having the time of your life being carefree, having fun, and laughing often. Just imagine having the ability to shut everything out that could take away from you having fun and feeling elevated. With Diesel Dough, this is possible to do. 

Speedy and Spicy

Spicy is not referring to the aroma or flavour of this strain but it relates to its fun personality when it comes to its effects. When you smoke Diesel Dough, you are in for a treat regardless of where you are at and what it is that you do. The energising effects of this strain will easily shine through in your mood as you can feel a higher level of euphoria and overall positivity. 

Diesel Dough is also known for its speed. You don’t need to smoke a whole lot of it before noticing its effects. For some, effects kick in as fast as inhaling the first smoke. Its smoke can be a bit thick and pungent, so you might want to have water or any other liquids close by, just make sure that what you are drinking to soothe any irritation that you might experience does not contain alcohol. 

Catching Fire

Well, no one should be catching fire when smoking this amazing strain, but your overall state can be set on fire by it. Imagine hanging out with your friends wanting to party and have fun, but a negative mood or tension gets in the way of it all. Well, Diesel Dough can help keep negative elements at a bay so you can be fully present and enjoy all the fun. 

Diesel Dough, as its name so easily gives it away, offers notes of diesel, fuel, nuts, and cookie dough in its aroma and flavour. The taste of this strain is quite interesting, but again, its superpower is revealed in its effects. 

Diesel Dough is suited for more experienced cannabis users but it is not off hands if you are still new. Just don’t rush into consuming higher doses right off the bat. 

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