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Death Star

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Death Star

Death Star’s specific area of expertise is Indica, with over 75% Indica inheritance. This profile is quite sleepy and sedative, though this only becomes true at the peak of the high. During the initial phase, you’ll enjoy an electrifying wave of euphoria that hits your brain hard. Most consumers report feeling greatly uplifted and motivated after that first smoke, which goes to show Death Star is very blissful and euphoric. Its flavour is also very catchy, with a skunky diesel taste!

Earthy, diesel-skunk flavour

You’ll learn to love Death Star’s flavour and aroma because they’re completely unique:

  • Flavour - Sweetness all around, covered in a musty flavour of diesel skunk that’ll take over your taste buds in an instant.
  • Fragrance - A more complete presentation of the skunky diesel, with hints of sweet earthiness and pungency.
  • Looks - This strain has broad-growing leaves, with dark-green nugs that are on the smaller side, and bright-orange hairs growing everywhere. Trichomes are present, as well!

Very high THC concentration at 18-27%

With its highly-euphoric attitude, Death Star does seem like a cosmic entity hellbent on sending electrifying beams to your mind. That wave of energy should invigorate your mind and calm down your worries almost instantly. You may also feel uplifted in just a few moments after taking that first smoke. It’s a happy experience that naturally evolves into relaxing sedation as the high reaches its peak. It should feel naturally calming and tranquil!

Indica-dominant hybrid

Death Star is a potent strain with 75% Indica inheritance. This ensures a proper body high fit for anyone, even veteran stoners out there. The relaxing experience should go toward sleepiness and hardcore sedation, with a bit of couch-lock sensations hidden in there. You’ll barely be able to get off the couch, say most of the consumers who’ve tried Death Star. It looks like the ideal strain for a boring weekend when you’re feeling tired and bland. This strain should give you just the right oomph to keep going and learn a new meaning of relaxation.

Sensi Star X Sour Diesel

A hybrid as versatile and skunky as Death Star is sure to have great parents, and it’s true:

  • Sensi Star - An Indica big name in the industry, Sensi Star boasts 20-26% THC concentration, and its highly creative and sleepy high is famous already.
  • Sour Diesel - Undeniable couch lock, with a heavy body high represent the peak of Sour Diesel’s high. Initially, this 90% Sativa strain should give you an energetic head start during the day.
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