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Crunch Berry by Living Soil Organic

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Crunch Berry by Living Soil Organic

Crunch Berry by Living Soil Organic is also known under the nicknames of Captain Crunch, Crunch Berry Kush, and Crunchberry, and it was created by crossing the popular OG Kush with an unknown Indica strain. The Indica content of this strain is about 70% and its THC levels usually range between 15-16% reaching as high as 20% depending on the batch. Crunch Berry usually offers a great taste of berries and pine and it may help you ease into an evening of relaxation and positive vibes. 

Mild Physical High

This cannabis bud generally offers a mild full-bodied high that may help you feel euphoric in a relaxing and comforting way. Crunch Berry is a great strain for a chill evening when you might not want to be active with tasks, but simply enjoy some time out away from activities and responsibilities.

At the start of the high, you might experience a sense of creativity and a gentle boost in your mood that may leave you feeling happier and uplifted. These effects could potentially last for hours. Because of the medium THC levels of this strain, a couch-lock effect is very unlikely to take place, unless you consume higher doses than what your tolerance level requires. 

Sticky Resin And Crystal-Like Trichomes

Crunch Berry has small buds with nugs that take on a round shape. Among the green leaves, bright orange hairs can be spotted. The plant is covered in trichomes of sticky resin that usually resemble the spark of crystals. 

Herbal And Berries

Both the aroma and taste of Crunch Berry offer fruity notes of berries partnered with herbal and pine highlights. Overall, the fragrance and flavour of this strain are quite sweet and earthy. Depending on the phenotype and batch, you might notice a pinch of spiciness when smoking this bud coupled with a vanilla candy undertone. 

Great Strain For Beginners

Crunch Berry by Living Soul Organic is potentially a great strain for novice users as long as you start with a small dose. The sweet aroma and taste of this marijuana plant may tempt you to consume more than you should, but we do recommend playing the patient game and build up your dose slowly over time to experience the best of effects. 

Until you know your tolerance levels with weed, play it safe by starting small and going slow to have a positive and uplifting experience. 

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