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Citrus Kush

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Citrus Kush

Citrus Kush sounds tasty and flavourful, and it actually is. This strain tastes of intense lemonade, with a bit of honey and nutty pine added in. In fact, its flavour is quite complex, with hints of wood and sour orange spread around the taste. Its THC concentration is unknown, though we reckon it’s somewhere around 15-18%, making it quite powerful. As for its profile, Citrus Kush is situated at 70% Indica, offering clear-cut relaxing and sedative effects.

Sweet honey and citric-lemon flavour

Citrus Kush hits you with a versatile and complex flavour. You won’t even know what to appreciate first:

  • Flavour – Lemon, honey, pine, and citrus added in one single flavour that comes progressively as you smoke. There’s a hint of nuts in there, somewhere, as well.
  • Fragrance – Whether it’s the sour orange or the sweet lemon that gets your nostrils excited, Citrus Kush is a true masterpiece!
  • Looks – A coat of frosty trichomes covers the amber hairs, which grow around the forest-green nugs. It’s a natural and impressive image that’ll stick with you.

High THC at 15-18% concentration

What this strain does best is make you giggly and happy from the first smoke you take. As the THC enters your system and starts interacting with your brain, you’ll feel wave of happiness mess with your mind. You’ll start laughing and giggling uncontrollably, a sign of wellbeing for most people. This experience is as happy as it is relaxing and soothing, because Citrus Kush offers highly pleasing cerebral effects. But that’s not all, since the physical effects are just as pleasing.

Once the high reaches a peak and you get used to the euphoria, the physical buzzing starts affecting you. These effects are long-lasting and very close-up and personal, with ample sedation putting your body in a couch-lock state. Its 15-18% THC concentration is very potent, and it can leave you impassive and immovable for a couple of good hours. That’s why Citrus Kush is good for most users!

Indica-dominant strain

When you haven’t tasted an Indica strain in a long time, Citrus Kush works like a charm. This citrus-infused strain offers an intense physical sedation that leaves you hanging desperately for breath. It’ll put your through absolute relaxation, one you haven’t experienced in a long while. Peak relaxation is on another level, especially one followed by deep sedation. Citrus Kush can be very comfortable and relaxing!

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