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Citrique is a special weed strain with a potent lemon taste. In fact, you’ll barely feel anything else other than lemon. Being a hybrid, you can expect mixed effects from the THC and CBD.

Citric-centric flavour

Due to the high concentration of myrcene, terpinolene, and caryophyllene terpenes, Citrique has a very lemon-like flavour. Not only that, though:

  • Flavour - The floral terpenes bring a fruity aftertaste combined with the purest citric flavour you’ve ever tasted. It’s like drinking a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, starting with a creative rush and ending with a relaxing head high.
  • Fragrance - Citrique smells of pine, fruits, and an intense herbal extract. You’ll even sniff out a heavy earthy fragrance, combined with a bit of pine and skunk. It’ll make you wish for more after taking a smoke!
  • Looks - The golden-amber coat of crystal trichomes comes together with the grape-sized neon-green nugs to form a great picture of the Citrique strain. You can buy this strain from any dispensary and it’ll look approximately the same.

High THC at 21 percent

Due to its 21% THC concentration, both your body and mind will take a solid hit after taking a smoke from Citrique. First, it’ll start with the head-high, euphoric, joyful, and very energetic. You may feel creative during these moments. The next phase is the couch-lock experience, which will kick in relatively fast. However, due to the Sativa dominance of Citrique, this couch-lock won’t incredibly sedative. Instead, you’ll feel a comfortable rush of happiness settle in, relaxing your body and mind. The CBD concentration is less than 1%, though it contributes to the relaxation!

Sativa-dominant hybrid

Citrique is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, lading to a fairly equal experience in terms of euphoria and relaxation. Due to the Sativa dominance, you’ll notice the euphoric rush will carry over in the sedation phase. You won’t fall asleep right away, though you will feel relaxed and at ease with yourself!

Lime Skunk x Orange Valley OG

If you buy Citrique online, you should know about its genetic lineage. Lime Skunk and Orange Valley OG are perfect hybrids with a 50-50 ratio, each bringing their own citric flavour:

  • Lime Skunk - Be it lemon taste or skunk aroma, Lime Skunk excels in both areas. The name says it all. You’ll feel energized and quite relaxed after some time. The euphoria won’t disappear, though
  • Orange Valley OG - This potent concoction of THC and herbal citric flavours will bring you much-needed relaxation and psychological relief. People often use it to treat various medical conditions such as appetite loss, nausea, or depression.
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