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Cherry Punch

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Cherry Punch

Cherry Punch brings a super delicious cherry-flavoured aroma to the table. Moreover, thanks to it being a 1:1 Indica-Sativa hybrid, it delivers balanced effects of extreme potency.

Cherry-infused flavour

There are plenty of natural terpenes and flavonoids in Cherry Punch, mostly coming down the genetic line from its parents. The result is a tasty smoke that gives you a real taste of paradise:

  • Flavour – At first, you’ll feel the cherry and berry flavours invade your nostrils and mouth. The skunk is clearly visible, with a sweet earthiness coming down upon exhalation.
  • Fragrance – Similar to the flavour, the fragrance of Cherry Punch emphasizes extreme fruitiness and sweetness. The berry and cherry smells take center stage again!
  • Looks – The thin, elongated orange hairs, the thin crust of snow-white trichomes, and the minty-green nugs give Cherry Punch a natural and impressive appearance.

High THC at 23-24%

This much THC cramped up into one strain ought to lead to superb therapeutic and psychoactive effects. That’s exactly the case here. Cherry Punch makes your body and mind run amok with euphoria, joy, energy, and lastly, sedation. The initial phase will see you becoming happier, more motivated, and more energetic than before. Though, your focus will decrease as well.

The second phase takes you through the feeling of peak relaxation and sedation. At first, you’ll feel your body becoming heavier, as your mind descends deeper into the sedation. Your pains and other bodily discomforts disappear, while you might become hungry all of a sudden. Cherry Punch should alleviate many medical symptoms and make you feel better from the very moment you take a smoke.

Balanced hybrid

Cherry Punch is a perfectly balanced hybrid with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. This profile allows it to provide balanced psychoactive and therapeutic effects. The level of potency on this strain is absolutely crushing, though, which should lead to an overall pleasant experience. The effects will leave you anchored in reality, a bit confused and unfocused, yet relaxed all the same.

Cherry AK-47 x Purple Punch

Cherry Punch is a direct descendant of two equally-famous strains, Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch. This is where most the flavour and effects come from:

  • Cherry AK-47 – This Sativa-dominant hybrid reaches a THC concentration of 15-18%, acting as a perfect treatment for appetite loss, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. The cherry part comes from its fruity and delicious flavour, as well as its colourful appearance. The red hues dotting the stalk and nugs are a great addition!
  • Purple Punch – An 80% Indica strain ought to be sedative and relaxing, just like Purple Punch. The THC reaches 18-20% concentration, and the initial phase sees you undergo a euphoric shift into a happier persona. Then, you become relaxed, comfortable, sleepy, and sedated. This strain is great for insomnia and chronic pains! 
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