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When you set us up as a recipient in your online banking and when sending your email money transfer do not make any reference to the words weed, marijuana, cannabis or budstars or anything related. If you do your payment will be automatically blocked by our payment processor and won't go through.

1. In the "name" or "to" field write only and exactly:

2. For "recipient email address" use this email:

3. As amount put exactly your order total:

4. Carefully enter only and exactly the Secret Question, Secret Answer and Message exactly as described here. This is very important to expedite and correctly process the payment - do not enter any other information than this:

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5. Send the payment. We will usually accept it within 5 minutes but Interac sometimes delay transfers for up to 2 hours. You will receive a confirmation email from us as soon as we've received the payment.

Thanks for shopping with BudStars.com! Please let us know if you need help with anything via live chat or email at [email protected].

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