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Different Types of CBD

If you think we only have CBD-dominant marijuana strains, you’re in for a surprise. Nowadays, more and more people have started consuming edibles and using marijuana oils to get high. It’s a more efficient and easy way to achieve the same results but without the health downsides of smoking the weed.

With oils, things are very simple – you take periodical drops orally, and you benefit from all the perks that come from the CBD content. This includes a more relaxed mind, inner peace, and even pain reduction.

You can think of the CBD edibles as a bag of chips that you munch on during a movie. Take our CBD Cara-melts, for instance. Each bag contains eight edibles that you can take with you on trips and consume whenever you feel comfortable. Each piece you ingest contains 10mg of CBD.

The true magic of medicinal CBD marijuana becomes clear when you buy a tincture jar. This works based on the idea of droplets that you consume sublingually. Using this method of consumption has been proven to be the most efficient way of extracting all of the CBD’s benefits.

Marijuana topicals are those products absorbable through the skin like lotions, oils, and balms. They’re a great choice for when you only want to get the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without the euphoric after-effects of other methods.

Last but not least, we sell CBD capsules that have identical effects to all our other CBD products. Whenever you’re in pain and want to alleviate your suffering, you just swallow a capsule and wait for the effects to kick in.

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You might have heard that some of your friends have started using CBD oil, and it’s working wonders. Now you’re also interested in trying it but don’t have much information about it. Let us shed light on how CBD oils work, what are their ingredients, and what you should expect from this experience.

Assuming you know that CBD is one of the many cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant, the CBD oil is just an extract from cannabis with lots of CBD in it. Generally, the best oils on the market should have less than 0.3% THC leftovers in them. This is so you won’t get high after consuming the oil.

In truth, CBD oils are among the best solutions for people who want only the therapeutic benefits of marijuana. If you’re only interested in alleviating your pains or reducing your insomnia, we heartily recommend our CBD oils.

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If you're the type who prefers keeping it a secret that you consume marijuana, the caramels, jelly bombs or the chocolates are ideal solutions. On the outside, they’ll look like the regular goodies you’d buy from the corner store. On the outside, they’re magic infusions rich in CBD that’ll help you cope with your illness.

Whenever you feel down or agitated, pick a CBD jelly bomb, and start chewing. The effects will appear soon enough, and you’ll regain your usual comfort and peace of mind. Edibles are an efficient and quite tasty method of consuming medicinal marijuana with no one being the wiser.

The CBD Jelly Bombs with pineapple and peach aromas will flood your taste buds with myriad of intense tastes and flavours. Eat one whenever you have a project nearing its deadline and you need intense focus to finish it. It’s also incredibly effective to eat a jelly bomb if you suffer from crippling anxiety, muscle pains or inflammations. Take one daily for a surge of calmness and tranquility in your life!

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The CBD tinctures are a perfect starting point for any cannabis enthusiast who wants to try something new. It’s also great for people suffering from depression or individuals who want to practice recreational activities in peace. With each droplet applied, you’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed, in a soothing and ethereal way.

All CBD tinctures are based on cannabis extracts infused with alcohol. They are suggestively known as golden or green dragon but don’t let the name scare you. It won’t burn down your throat or anything of the sort. You’ll simply let yourself fall in your chair and wallow in the feeling of peace that the CBD tincture will give you. It’s simple, efficient, and extremely beneficial.

If you’re wondering about the ideal dosage you should try, begin with 1ml and see how it goes. If you’re satisfied with the results, that’s the ideal dosage for you. If you don’t feel any different, then try a larger dosage the next day. Given that tinctures have a long shelf life, you don’t have to hurry to finish the bottle.

Perhaps the most important aspect to tinctures is that they can be combined with regular drinks or meals. You can put a droplet into juice, ice cream, soups, or even salads. The effects of the CBD won’t be any lesser if you consume the CBD like this.

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The canna cap is one of the most popular forms of CBD cannabis. These capsules are easily dosed and they provide the optimal metabolic boost you need. Moreover, your body will absorb them efficiently without wasting anything. These golden pills hide within a great power of recuperation and pain alleviation.

Our online dispensary in Canada has CBD-infused capsules in stock at all times. We make sure that our suppliers use approved standards when making these capsules so that you can enjoy quality products. Only peerless capsules without a flaw will end up on our stocks and into a customer’s hand.

The reason why CBD capsules are so popular and craved after is the ease of dosage. You can schedule them accordingly day-by-day, and you can take them with you to work.

When the time comes, just swallow one, and notice how your body relaxes and loses all the accumulated tension. A cannabis capsule a day keeps the doctor and the pain away. It’s also very useful for when you must tackle highly difficult tasks that require extreme focus.

The CBD capsules are a great way to start your cannabis treatment plan. They’re fairly cheap, easy to plan out, and your body will accept them just like any other pills. Don’t waste time and buy these capsules from the best online weed shop in Canada!

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CBD topicals include various products that are absorbed through your skin. They’re yet another useful and efficient method of treating yourself with medicinal CBD marijuana. Just spread your favourite CBD oil on a portion of your body that’s causing you problems, and wait for it to take effect. It won’t be long before you feel the pain go away noticeably.

You can use the CBD oils and balms to improve a massage session tenfold. Imagine this – you have your partner tend to you by massing your body with a CBD oil. The body will absorb it even faster if someone rubs your skin accordingly.

Other CBD topicals include special patches that you place on your skin and wait for the effects to kick in. They work similar to nicotine patches only that these CBD patches provide healthy chemicals to your body that help you calm down and alleviate your pains.

How CBD is different from THC

A much better question would be – does CBD have the same effects as THC infusions or weed? What’s the difference between these three elements, and what should you use? We’re here to answer these questions in detail.

Botanically speaking, CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It’s the second most numerous cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, after THC. The essential thing to know about CBD is that it doesn’t get you high, no matter how much you consume. That’s because CBD doesn’t directly affect your cannabinoid receptors like THC does.

Instead, the main purpose of CBD is to suppress the THC compound from intoxicating your body. When THC attempts to activate the CB1 receptor in your endocannabinoid system, CBD lessens its impact on your body. This means you won’t feel so disoriented or dizzy after ingesting weed.

One more key aspect about CBD is that it directly affects several receptors in your brain, namely the opioid, serotonin, and dopamine receptors. These three receptors handle the pain sensations, motivation and reward-seeking attitudes, and drug-seeking behaviour, in that order. CBD activates these receptors, which means you’ll feel more motivated and less inclined to consume drugs.

Most importantly, your pain will start to fade away slowly. CBD has been proved to provide benefits to people suffering from inflammations, muscle pains and other illnesses. Cannabis has also been theorized to positively affect cancer-diagnosed patients. Unlike THC that’s focused on providing the feelings of happiness and euphoria that make you high, CBD has a more therapeutic role.

Weed is another term for cannabis, and it contains both THC and CBD. Generally, when people say they smoke weed, they refer to the raw plant. Certain strains lead to various effects and psychoactive experiences based on their THC:CBD balance. A THC-dominant marijuana strain will make you highly euphoric, energetic, and very dynamic. It will alter your perception, consciousness state, and mood a lot.

At the opposite side of the spectre is a CBD-dominant strain that will not get you high. This doesn’t mean you won’t get any positive benefits after smoking this weed. On the contrary, CBD has many therapeutic advantages that even the scientific community acknowledges.

Essentially, a CBD-dominant strain will help you relax and deal with depressive episodes. It will also put your mind at ease and make you at peace with yourself.

Health Benefits

CBD oils, edibles, and other related products have many health benefits attached to them. Most people consume them for their therapeutic uses since CBD will never get you high. Because it only contains less than 0.3% THC, you’d have to consume excessive amounts of CBD products to get high.

The human body has something called the endocannabinoid system, a system revolving around signals sent to neuronal receptors. This system exists in every one of us, even if we don’t use cannabis. CBD’s role in all this is preventing the endocannabinoids created naturally by your body from breaking down. These endocannabinoids, called anandamide and 2-AG, regulate several functions and process in your body.

Pain alleviation

Weed, and CBD products more specifically, have pain alleviating effects on the human body. It’s a natural analgesic that people have been using since 2900 B.C. to treat physical pains and inflammations. Therefore, whenever your sickness starts acting again, try using sublingual CBD oils or capsules. Shortly, the sedative effect will kick in, and you’ll start feeling better.

CBD interacts with the opioid neurotransmitters in your brain which mainly deal with the regulation of pain. The sensation of pain comes from these neural receptors in your brain, and affecting them could distort your perception of pain. That’s what CBD does – it interacts with these opioids receptors in your brain to alleviate your pain. Consuming CBD oil when you’re in pain sends those cannabidiol compounds to the endocannabinoid system, where they impact the receptor activity.

Several studies performed on rats showed that if you take CBD oil orally, you might alleviate your sciatic inflammations and nerve pains. A combination of CBD and THC has been shown to be highly effective against arthritis, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, insomnia, and even cancer. The therapeutic effects of CBD have yet to be fully uncovered but it’s clearly helpful for regulating the pain responses in the body.

Motivation provider

Our members have confessed that CBD products positively affected their confidence and motivation to do things. They felt better with themselves, and they had more energy to commit to their responsibilities. Instead of being stopped by the downsides of certain prospects or courses of actions, they paid more attention to the beneficial aspects. This phenomenon is expected, since CBD interacts with the dopamine receptors in your body.

These neuronal receptors are mainly responsible for the reward-seeking behaviour you exhibit. They’re also connected to your motivation to achieve your goals. If these receptors aren’t activated enough, you’ll feel glum, dispirited, and disinclined to strive for better results. You’ll tend to remain stationary and never try to improve yourself.

The CBD compound in topicals and oils goes directly to those neurotransmitters that send signals to the dopamine receptors. The more signals sent, the more motivated and spirited you feel. You’ll want to achieve more, to improve yourself faster, and to achieve more personal goals. From the several confessions of CBD consumers, they were much more productive and performant after consuming their daily dose of CBD.

Discouragement of drug abuse

When you consume drugs, your serotonin levels become more and more elevated. Serotonin is the happiness chemical – it releases good feelings attached to actions you take that your body enjoys. When consuming drugs, you become addicted to them, and the high levels of serotonin are the cause for that. Your body becomes accustomed to the presence of drugs, which activates the serotonin neurotransmitters.

Fortunately, CBD has been proven to interact with these neurotransmitters in a special way – it prevents you from indulging in drug-seeking behaviours. You will feel discouraged and unmotivated to continue abusing drugs after consuming CBD. Dopamine also plays a role in fixating unhealthy addictions, and CBD interacts with the dopamine neurotransmitters as well.

Research shows that CBD consumption alleviates the pains and risk of seizures attached to the withdrawal symptoms as well. With drug abuse and addiction, withdrawal is an important component. It’s the biggest reason why addicts fail in becoming sober, as a matter of fact.

Reduction of anxiety and depression

Depression has become a very worrisome affliction of the 21st century. People end up committing suicide because of sudden bouts of depression, and it’s nothing to scoff at. Generally, the only treatment for depression revolves around drugs and medication. However, these haven’t proven to be reliable at all times.

CBD oil represents a natural way of reducing depression and anxiety. By interacting with the serotonin neurotransmitters that regulate social behaviour and mood, CBD products reduce the sadness and negative feelings. A negative self-impression originates in a feeling of discomfort with oneself and society, and this is connected to serotonin.

In several animal studies, CBD has been scientifically proven to have anti-depressant effects. As for human application, we have many testimonials from users who suffered from depression, and who managed to get better with our CBD oils. With regard to anxiety, CBD oil greatly decreases personal discomfort efficiently. Tests were made during a Brazilian study where it was shown that a 300mg dose of CBD was the most efficient at alleviating anxiety in men.

Neuroprotective properties

Numerous studies on humans and rats have shown the clear benefits of CBD oil on treating the symptoms associated with these illnesses. For instance, a study found out that CBD oil reduced the seizures of people suffering from epilepsy in 36.5% cases. There were a total of 214 subjects included in this experiment.

Another study discovered that specialized treatment with CBD exponentially reduced the risks of seizures and their severity in children suffering from Dravet syndrome. Moreover, test-tube and animal experiments have clearly shown that CBD actually decreases the neurodegeneration attributed to Alzheimer’s disease. It also decreased the inflammation associated with this dangerous illness.

CBD accomplishes all of this by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system and various neuronal receptors and transmitters. The research on humans regarding the medicinal benefits of CBD is still sparse but there is much potential to this particular cannabinoid.