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California Orange

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California Orange

The perfect hybrid that is California Orange is far from being the strongest weed strain in the world. However, it has an intense therapeutic potential. Its THC concentration ranges between 8-15%, making this a very relaxing and soothing experience. The trademark flavour and aroma center around orange, fruitiness, and tropical aftertastes. Most weed enthusiasts love California Orange for its unique flavour and effects.

Sweet and tropical flavour

There are quite a few strains with a tropical flavour. California Orange isn’t the only one. However, they all differ in terms of terpenes concentration. The fruitiness and citric taste of California Orange are delicious:

  • Flavour – Orange and citric aftertastes combine perfectly with the tropical sweetness, making a supremely delicious strain. Any dispensary would be proud to have this strain.
  • Fragrance – The earthiness hits your nose the first time you take a toke. Then, the citric and sweet orange fragrances overwhelm you. It’s like smelling a fine perfume that won’t let you go until you taste it.
  • Looks – The bright-orange hairs are filled with resin, making them sticky and delicious-looking. The green nugs are covered by a thin layer of crystal trichomes. While the trichome layer isn’t as thick as in other strains, the orange and sticky hairs are abundant.

Average THC between 8-15%

The THC concentration is rather average because this strain isn’t meant induce a mind-shaking high. Not even a couch-lock experience that keeps you pinned down for a few hours. This isn’t the strain you take to become overly-euphoric or go to sleep minutes after taking a toke. Instead, California Orange capitalizes on small psychoactive effects combined together. The therapeutic effects are great. This strain can help you concentrate or reduce your stress and insomnia. If you suffer from anxiety or inattentiveness, California Orange can help you!

Evenly-balanced hybrid

California Orange is a 50-50 Indica-Sativa hybrid. Due to this, your experience will be balanced, perfect for beginners. At first, you’ll feel a small rush of euphoria take over your head. Any negative thoughts will disappear by now. Then, you’ll relax and your senses will become more acute.

Both Sativa-Indica equivalence give this strain the best of both worlds. It delivers Sativa-related effects and Indica-related effects into a mix of epic proportions. If you buy California Orange from a dispensary, they’ll tell you that it’s a perfect hybrid meant for medical patients. You should only buy it for the great taste and the therapeutic benefits.

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