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Cali Bubba Kush

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Cali Bubba Kush

Cali Bubba is an Indica dominant cannabis strain that has been created by crossing the infamous Cali with Bubba Kush. Due to its marvellous genetics and impressive effects, this marijuana quickly became a favourite amongst the users. This cannabis plant offers a generous and complex flavour profile, with a sweet hash note from its Bubba parent and a delicious sweet fruity flavour from its Cali Kush parent. Its appearance features dark olive green coloration and dense buds in the shapes of tiny bumpy balls cozied up together. Orange, brown, and lime green pistils can be seen twisting around the buds. The overall plant is decorated by white trichomes in the shapes of snowflakes, creating a truly mesmerizing look. Cali Bubba offers an impressive THC level that averages around 24-25%. This strain is a great choice for pain, depression and stress as it delivers tranquillizing effects accompanied by a state of ease and euphoria.

Cali Bubba: Effects and Health Properties

This cannabis hybrid is known to deliver a comforting and soothing sedative effect on the body. This heavy sedation has proven to effectively deal with pain, including chronic pain and aches, regardless if they are caused by an unfortunate accident or a chronic health condition. It can help alleviate the symptoms of cramps, muscle tensions, headaches, migraines and muscle spasms. This can leave your body feeling free from the burdensome and overbearing presence of physical pain. The first stage of the high can provide a comforting, yet energizing state of relaxation. This is often accompanied by a state of happiness and euphoria, where you are left feeling uplifted. This mood-boosting effect can help those suffering from stress and depression, enabling them to fall free from their overwhelming bondage as they are replaced by a state of ease, comfort, positivity and relaxation. Cali Bubba can be a really good remedy for anyone struggling with a lack of appetite as it can promote a greater sense of hunger. The end part of the high oftentimes can guide you into a wonderful and restful sleep, that can potentially last through the night without interruptions. This might help you wake up the next morning feeling more refreshed, with new levels of strength and energy. Cali Bubba is best used in the late afternoon, evening or nighttime. If you plan on having a lazy day at home, then you can even use this strain earlier in the day. It is more suited with low key activities, such as chilling on the couch and watching some great movies, or listening to a great playlist reminiscing about some great days gone by or dreaming about a brighter future, or simply taking in the beauty and significance of the present moment. Buy Cali Bubba online in Canada and get ready for a freeing experience for your soul, a happy and uplifting one for your mind, and a relaxing and pain-relieving sedation for your body.
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