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Cake Batter

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Cake Batter

Cake Batter offers a relaxing and energetic high for both the mind and body. Its uplifting and euphoric cerebral high may stimulate your mind into focus and creativity while boosting your mood with happy feels and giggles. The physical effects of this cannabis strain may soothe away aches and discomforts that are strong and persistent enough to bother or distract you from your work or any other activities. Cake Batter, with some batches, may offer THC levels of about 21-24%, while other batches may deliver higher THC levels of about 27%. This strain contains approximately the same content of Sativa as Indica (50/50), making this bud a great fit for an afternoon smoke. 

A Creative Cerebral Lift

Cake Batter usually works fast in offering its users a well-rounded high of positivity, happy feelings, giggles, and focus. Its cerebral high might sweep away worries clouding your mind potentially making more room for focus and creativity. 

As the effects of this cannabis strain embrace you with feelings of happiness and positive vibes, you may find yourself more chatty in a social setting, easily exchanging input in conversations, and possibly breaking out in loud giggles. We believe that laughter is great medicine for both the soul and body, so bring it on. 

If you are an artsy person, you may discover that you can pair Cake Batter with some of your creative projects, whether that is painting, drawing, or DIY. 

A Motivating Relaxation

Not all relaxation is the same. Some cause you to be glued to your couch, while others offer you an energetic boost. Cake Batter may soothe away some of your physical aches that can be tiresome or even disruptive to your everyday life. Besides easing these discomforts, the relaxing physical high of this bud may offer its users an energetic boost. 

Regardless if you smoke this strain at work, with friends, or at home, it is very likely that it will also boost your appetite. So be on the lookout for some tasty snacks. 

A Sweet And Herbal Taste

Cake Batter, being a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, offers a sweet fruity taste. As you open up the package, most likely you will instantly breathe in a harmonious scent of berry sweet and herbal citrus. 

As you break the buds apart, you may observe notes of sweetness with hints of vanilla. The smoke of this strain usually gives off earthy notes with traces of herbs and fuel. Because of its higher THC levels offering increased potency, Cake Batter may be best left for seasoned marijuana users. 

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