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Burmese kicks off an intoxicating cloud of psychedelic hallucinations from the first moment you taste it, according to consumers. This strain may be one of the most potent strains in the world, considering its observed effects. Hallucinations that confuse your senses, dreamy euphoria and relaxation, synesthesia and maybe even ego death - these are all brought forth by a trip with Burmese. John Allen discovered many magic mushrooms but few are comparable to Burmese in terms of psychoactive potency, or so say those who’ve tried it.

Immense hallucinatory and euphoric potential

While this strain isn’t as popular as it should be, that’s because it’s very rare to come by. Its exotic nature and high potency make it a collectibles shroom for those with enough courage to get high on it. Burmese is meant for experienced users who know what they’re knowing. From the experiences, we know that this strain will first make you dizzy with a wave of euphoria that improves your mood on the spot. Then, it’ll enhance your creativity and put you in a state of contemplative dreaminess.

At long last, when the dreaminess and euphoria come to an end, you’ll have already become familiarized with the hallucinations. They were probably there from the very beginning but you almost didn’t notice them. Because of the euphoria and dreamy state, you were in a world of your own. But now you can see the hallucinations, all the fractals and dancing lights, all the spiritual beings moving about. Then, a wave of relaxation should wash over you, according to users. This relaxation slowly turns into sedation later on, maybe even intense sedation.

Tips and consumption methods

Burmese doesn’t let you escape unscathed after trying it out. A regular dose of 1.5-2 grams may be too much for you to bear. We recommend sticking to a lower dose at first, until your tolerance level is up to par with the immense potency of this strain. You can consume it orally, by eating it piece by piece, or you can chop it into little bits and sprinkle it on food. Alternatively, you can boil it and make a tea out of it. The effects will be lengthier but also a bit less potent.

This should help you a lot if you’re a beginner, since Burmese can be quite unforgiving at times. If you’re at risk of falling prey to a bad trip, try to stay still and not make any rash movements. The trip will finish when the effects of the psilocybin wear off. Next time, you’d better try a lower dose if you don’t want to end up in the same situation. Burmese should bring your mind to a new level of existence, just like any good magic mushroom should. At the very least, its effects appear to be ultra potent.

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