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Bubba Kush

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Bubba Kush

If you love coffee, you will love the aftertaste of this cannabis strain which highly resembles the taste of coffee. Of course, this aspect will not be your favourite part of Bubba Kush, just one of them. This tasty marijuana flower has a THC content that can reach as high as 27%, although it tends to average around 14-16%. 

The sweet and earthy smoke of Bubba Kush can leave you feeling extra relaxed in a very soothing and comforting way, especially after a stress-filled and tiresome day. This strain can be effective in helping you forget about your worries and troubles. 

A Relaxing High

Bubba Kush contains about 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, making it ideal for nighttime use as it brings about a high of deep relaxation that can feel like a body melt. Your mind might get into a more relaxed state as well, but it won’t be numb - usually, users can still perform tasks and uphold conversations. 

Its physical high is mainly comforting, and not usually one that keeps you glued to your couch, which is great because one common effect is an increase in appetite, so you can still get to your fridge and satisfy your hunger. 

A Fruity Aroma And A Thick Structure

With a thick and heavy smoke, you will be experiencing notes of coffee, earth, wood, and berries. Depending on the phenotype of this strain, you might also notice a fragrance of herbal sweetness with spicy and pungent highlights. 

Bubba Kush produces medium-sized buds with a dense and thick structure. With dark green leaves that oftentimes feature purple shades covered in thick layers of white trichomes, this marijuana plant resembles most Indica-looking strains. 

A Tale Of A Thousand Stories

When it comes to the origins of Bubba Kush, many stories are being told. Some strongly declare that this marijuana flower has an OG heritage, more precisely Triangle to OG bag seeds. Most categorise its heritage as being unknown, although it is commonly believed that it is a cross between OG Kush with an unknown Indica strain.

Even though its origins cause quite the debate in some circles, one thing is sure - the aroma profile followed by the smoke and effects of Bubba Kush are widely enjoyed by its users. 

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