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Blue Sherbet

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Blue Sherbet

Blue Sherbet serves as a chill-pill for when you’re feeling off or when you’re too exhausted to even stand straight. One hit from this and you’re good to go, with refilled energy levels and more motivation than you can carry. Initially, you’ll be confronted by a wave of surging euphoria that’s aimed at your lethargic self. It’ll rejuvenate your mind and uplift your mood in a matter of minutes. Then, it’s time for the physical relaxation to kick in!

Blueberry-citrus flavour

When it’s tasty, it’s delicious, and when it tastes of berries and citrus, there’s nothing more to say:

  • Flavour - Blue Sherbet is supremely sweet, juicy, and delicious. Its berry-infused flavour has hints of citrus spread around, giving off a glorious taste.
  • Fragrance - If you were impressed by the flavour, wait until you smell the fragrance. It’ll have a dewy, almost flowery and fruity aroma that gives you shivers.
  • Looks - Green leaves, dark-green nugs and fresh-looking buds, with plenty of dark-brown hairs growing on top of them, Blue Sherbet is quite a looker!

High THC concentration at 15-18%

A good thing about Blue Sherbet is its heightened potency and balanced effects. It’s not a Sativa nor an Indica, but rather a mix between the two. This ensures a psychoactive equilibrium that delivers shots of euphoria as well as it sends shivers of sedation throughout your body. Once you take that first toke, you’ll be touched by that adrenaline-infused wave of energy. Once it settles down, Blue Sherbet soothes your mind and relaxes your mind instantly.

Balanced profile

As we said earlier, Blue Sherbet is 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. This is the best type of strain for people looking for a balanced experience. The euphoria isn’t too overwhelming or too energetic, and the sedation doesn’t veer toward couch-lock either. It’s an in-between state of things that allows for thorough satisfaction and a complete ganja experience. You’ll love every moment of the Blue Sherbet high thanks to this fact alone.

Blue Cookies X Sunset Sherbert

Blue Sherbet is a cross between two sweet and delicious strains:

  • Blue Cookies - With a potent body buzz, a THC concentration of 25-28%, and a 90% Indica profile, Blue Cookies is a great strain to have on hand when you’re feeling stressed out.
  • Sunset Sherbert - Sweet, fruity-flavoured, with a creamy taste, Sunset Sherbert offers an unforgettable Indica-dominant experience that seems to never end. It’ll calm you down and sedate your body quite quickly.
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