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This strain boasts a super high THC concentration of 20-26%, and a perfect balance of 50:50 Sativa and Indica. Perfect for improving your mood and energy levels, or just for soothing the body and mind, Blackberry can offer a balanced, powerful, quick, and long-lasting high. This strain is suitable for daytime use as many users report feeling an increase in mental drive and alertness. The calming and grounding effects of Indica compounds are also beneficial for those who also seek that blissful, relaxing body high.

Fruity diesel flavour

Delicious, smooth, yet intense, Blackberry buds pack an interesting mix of flavours you won’t want to miss:

  • Flavour - This fruity strain has a flavour profile to live up to its name. The sweet, signature berry taste, combined with the tart diesel overtones make for an intoxicating hit that will conquer your senses.
  • Fragrance - Blackberry is the perfect mix between sweet and earthy tones, with an enchanting fruity aroma.
  • Looks - A beautiful blend of colors, with green and purple tinted buds, bright orange hairs and snow-like crystalized trichomes all across its surface.

Very high THC content of 20-26%

The extra high THC concentration makes Blackberry a favourite, especially among more experienced consumers. Its high potency makes for a powerful hit with near instant cerebral and body effects. After the first toke, you should be able to feel the energizing and euphoric effects slowly creeping in. Before you know it, you will be enjoying the bliss and happiness specific to the head high many self-proclaimed potheads are chasing.

Increased energy, alertness, and a general feeling of well-being are just some of the most common effects of Sativa compounds which are abundant in this strain. Many users also reportedly enjoy the Blackberry strain for the effects it has on creativity, motivation, and increased extroversion. The high concentration of Indica compounds also makes Blackberry perfect for those looking for that deeply relaxing body high, but without the additional drowsiness. Blackberry’s high should last for a considerable amount of time, although for those with increased tolerance, the average duration might be somewhat lower.

Perfect ratio of Sativa to Indica

Best of both worlds, this hybrid is a perfect blend of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, offering a clean, balanced high. Sativa and Indica act together on your body and mind to induce deep relaxation and mental stimulation. Because Blackberry isn’t a Sativa nor Indica dominant strain, many of the side-effects specific to less balanced strains should be minor. This strain is perfect if you need that extra stimulation without feeling extremely spacey, with the added benefit of calmness and relaxation without the sedating effect.

Black Domina x Raspberry

Blackberry’s parent strains are both known for their high THC content and delicious flavour profiles:

  • Black Domina - Herbal and spicy with citrus overtones. This strain boasts a THC concentration of 18-24%.
  • Raspberry - An Indica dominant, 16-20% THC strain with a delicious berry and vanilla flavour. 
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