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Blackberry Platinum

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Blackberry Platinum

The Blackberry Platinum strain is the brainchild of renowned cannabis strains Platinum OG Kush, and Blackberry Kush. This is a 70% Indica to 30% Sativa strain, which you’re absolutely going to love. The taste, smell, and aromas are intoxicating and memorable, so much so that you’ll become addicted to the Blackberry Platinum.

With up to 20% of THC content, this is a cannabis veteran’s favourite in terms of potency and intoxicating effects. Don’t expect it to make a monster out of you or energize you. The effects revolve around peak tranquility, relaxation, physical sedation, and comfort.

Berry, diesel, and earthy aroma

The Blackberry Platinum impresses not only through the visual impact but also through the olfactive one. The plant will positively ravish your nostrils, giving you the sensation that if you don’t taste it right now, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. The spicy overtones and dank aromas become quite a stench if you leave it out into the open for too long.

Taste it, and the first thing you’ll notice is an explosion of berry and earthy touches that combine together marvellously. The state of high that will take over you starts with a slight sense of euphoria and inner happiness. Your perception becomes mellow, a little distorted, and before you know it, you’re completely sedated.

Almost immediately, you’ll feel your muscle tension ease off considerably, and your mind will start drifting to a more peaceful default state. Nothing will annoy you anymore because you’re already at peace with yourself. The Blackberry Platinum is a cannabis enthusiast’s ideal solution to cure the build-up stress and intellectual exhaustion.

Indica-dominant hybrid

The Blackberry Platinum is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. This leads to a series of specific traits: Broader leaves, Shorter stature, Shorter flowering cycle & Preference for colder climates.

The quality of the flowers and buds depend on many things, and it’s not an absolute factor. As an Indica-dominant hybrid, the Blackberry Platinum excels in terms of its soothing, sedative, and calming effects. Despite the 20% THC concentration, this isn’t an aggressive plant that puts you in a hyperactive state. It’s more of a sleeping agent that you take before bed as you slowly fall down the rabbit hole.

Growers will absolutely adore this strain because it’s not at all picky in terms of growth conditions. An outdoor growth environment is preferred since the plant prefers the cold anyway. As it grows, a silver coating will cover the leaves, reminiscent of its name (Platinum). Those are the trichomes, an essential element in any cannabis plant. That’s where all the intoxicating cannabinoids like THC and CBD come from.

Mild euphoria followed by complete calmness

The Blackberry Platinum isn’t a Jack of-all-trades but it does provide a much-needed shot of euphoria to get you up and running. At least at first, you’ll become happy, giddy, and overall content with your condition. The 20% THC content ensures this. However, don’t expect it to continue in the same manner. After some time, you’ll feel yourself slowly fall apart, becoming one with the rest of the world.

You become ethereal, incredibly relaxed, and your body will be greatly sedated. It’s an experience unlike any other, giving you a taste of Paradise. The smell alone will give you a hint of what’s to come, after all. Tasting it will only strengthen your conviction that the Blackberry Platinum is everything you’ve ever wanted.

It will first affect your head, and as you feel a slight tinge of numbness emerging there, you know the sedation is starting to kick in. In a few seconds, that numbness and relaxation will engulf your entire body, all the way to your toes. You might want to sleep for 3 days straight after smoking this strain, so consider yourself warned.

Natural insomnia treatment and stress reliever

Many people suffer from insomnia and stress. Sometimes, both at the same time. The Blackberry Platinum is a natural, organic, and healthy solution to these two issues. The diesel-oriented smell, complete with berry aromas, will numb your senses instantly. Your taste buds will be shocked with pleasure after getting a hint of the Blackberry Platinum.

Many users have attested to the sleepiness that results from smoking this strain. Moreover, the sedation and powerful relaxation effects are ideal for when you’ve pulled a couple of all-nighters in a row. Your body pains, muscle tension, and even chronic pains will be greatly lessened after consuming the Blackberry Platinum.

It even successfully alleviates depression and anxiety in their mild forms. If you’re a naturally agitated person that worries for no reason at all, this cannabis strain is your salvation. A concentration of 20% THC is a lot by any cannabis standards, and you’ll see why. Euphoria and utmost relaxation perfectly combined – that’s what the Blackberry Platinum offers.

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