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Black Domina

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Black Domina

Black Domina’s 95% Indica dominance makes it clear that the effects will be sedative and relaxing for the most part. While there’s a slight wave of euphoria washing over you in the beginning, it quickly turns into tranquility and deep sedation later on. When the high reaches its peak, Black Domina should fill your body with endless relaxation that makes you comfortable all around. It may also make you hungry and sleepy at the same time!

Peppery-citrus flavour

One Black Domina strain is enough to get you going for the rest of the day with its:

  • Flavour - The woody and spicy flavour of citrus is a bit peppery and herbal, though sweet all the same.
  • Fragrance - With its nutty and earthy aroma, Black Domina impresses you to no ends, let alone the citrus comeback that quickly returns.
  • Looks - The dark-green nugs are covered in dark-orange hairs, with snowy-white trichomes growing everywhere.

High THC concentration at 18-24%

Black Domina is a fairly potent strain that may even reach 24% concentration, though it generally ranges between 18-24%. This ensures intense psychoactive effects that should improve your mood through euphoria and creative boosts. With its happy-go-round attitude and heightened energy levels, this strain should be delicious during those first few moments. But that’s not all! After all, let’s not forget that this strain is Indica-dominant.

Naturally, as the high progresses, the Indica profile will take over and sedate your body accordingly. Laziness, tranquility, sleepiness, and lethargy are all in store waiting for you after the high reaches its peak. Black Domina is generally associated by consumers with a heavy body-high that puts you into couch-lock sedation. It may even make you sleepy, especially if you consume it at night. Moreover, it may increase your appetite when the sedation hits.

Indica-dominant strain

We’re no longer talking about a regular hybrid but rather a near-perfect Indica strain that’s bound to put you down. Users often claim that Black Domina gets them sleepy faster than they realize. It also helps that its THC concentration reaches 18-24%, with clear-cut effects that act quickly. When it comes to body highs, Black Domina is one of the few strains out there with a near spotless reputation of potency and satisfaction.

Northern Lights X Ortega X Hash Plant X Afghani SA

Black Domina is a cross between four powerful Indica strains:

  • Northern Lights - A pure Indica with 16-21% THC and a piney and spicy aroma that gives you a sweet taste, Northern Lights is highly popular for its intense body effects.
  • Ortega - Another pure Indica strain made by crossing two Northern Lights strains, Ortega is fruity, clear-headed, and sleepy at the same time.
  • Hash Plant - Get ready for an uber couch-lock experience with Hash Plant’s 80% Indica effects. This strain should leave you exceptionally relaxed, with a dank and hashy taste in your mouth.
  • Afghani SA - Perfect Indica with a deep and profound sedation, Afghani SA delivers a whiff of euphoria and sleepiness that should meet all your desires.
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