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Black Cherry OG

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Black Cherry OG

Black Cherry OG messes with your mind in a way other strains can’t. Its evenly-balanced effects are a perfect match for the berry and sweet tea flavours dancing around your mouth. That first smoke will set in a motion a course of events that leave you more creative, more euphoric, and more relaxed than ever before. This is a smooth smoke, with a calming and uplifting effect! Black Cherry OG offers a pure form of relaxation, as you’ll come to know.

Tropical berry and tea flavour

The complexity of its flavour has always been a sign of superiority for Black Cherry OG:

  • Flavour – A sweet-tea taste fills your mouth from the first smoke, offering a dose of intense berries, with a tropical dash of sweetness and exotic aromas.
  • Fragrance – This strain smells of earthy herbal extracts, berries, and a form of spicy sweetness that’s quite appetising and delicious.

High THC at 12-18%

Putting aside its deliciousness, Black Cherry OG offers an impressive journey of euphoria and creativity. It’ll lift up your mood from the first moments you take that smoke, leaving you happier than before. However, this also comes with a wave of intoxication and hypnotism that leave you stoned without a doubt. As happy and as blissful as you are, you won’t be able to face off against the heavy sedation that comes afterward.

When things were getting happier and more euphoric, the physical high comes rolling down the hill. It packs a powerful punch, as Black Cherry OG is a hard-hitting sedative strain that doesn’t play around. It has a calming and tranquil nature, with a profound relaxation that leaves your mind and body unfocused, numb, and senseless. You won’t feel anything other than the numbness spreading through your body. It’s highly relaxing indeed!

Balanced profile

When you smoke a balanced-profile strain, you ought to know one thing – euphoria and relaxation combine themselves perfectly. As you take that first smoke, it’ll light up your mind like a light-bulb, infusing it with endless energy and euphoria. That shot of adrenaline and creativity leaves you more focused, more alive, and more energetic than before. It’s the type of experience that you need when you’re tired and exhausted, like a wake-up call. But then, the sedation and relaxation arrive, and they’re very profound.

Ken’s OG X Daddy Purple

Although no one knows for sure who are Black Cherry OG’s parents, it’s widely recognized that they’re:

  • Ken’s OG – With an unmistakable berry-grape deliciousness taken from Grand Daddy Purple, this strain offers an Indica experience with a 18-20% THC concentration. It’s very relaxing and sedative toward the end!
  • Daddy Purple – The big strain itself, Grand Daddy Purple has a complex grape-infused aroma that’s unique in the industry. Its Indica-dominant profile matches the 17-27% THC concentration, sending waves of euphoria and relaxation to your mind and body.
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