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Black Afghani

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Black Afghani

Black Afghani is a potent evening strain that contains about 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with THC levels that average around 24%. We wouldn’t recommend smoking or dabbing this strain during the day unless the only thing your plans include for the day is lazy relaxation and some long naps. This cannabis strain is the result of three strains being crossed: OG Kush, Black Domina, and 76’ Afghani, offering great effects from the combination of these three parent strains. 

Elegant Looks

Black Afghani is a beautiful cannabis plant that features an elegant look. Its buds are very dark, almost black in colour with a tint of dark green. Through the fluffy and thick nugs burnt orange hairs make their appearance adding a beautiful contrast to the overall look of the plant. As if this look isn’t spectacular enough, crystal-like trichomes crown the strain with sticky resin to show just how much potency Black Afghani carries. 

Enjoyable Aroma

Besides elegant looks, Black Afghani prides itself with popularity among cannabis users thanks to its highly enjoyable aroma and taste. If you get a package of Black Afghani nugs, once you start breaking them apart, you can easily notice the aroma of earthy and sweet spices with a woody hint. 

The overall taste of this marijuana bud offers a harmonious combination of sweet and spicy notes. When inhaled, you will most likely notice a peppery and spicy taste that carries a herbal pine note, and it is when you exhale that the sweetness of its aroma can be experienced. 

Restful Relaxation

Black Afghani, being an Indica dominant strain, is well-known for its highly relaxing effects. Imagine having a lazy Saturday where you can just enjoy the flavour of this strain and take in the benefits of its relaxation in all its glory. 

When consuming Black Afghani, either on your day off or at the end of a tiresome day, you don’t have to think about all the things you need to do the next day or some of the things that didn’t go as planned throughout the day. You can forget about the thoughts that cause tension and simply be in a moment of mental and physical relaxation. 

Just be aware, in most cases, the end of the high delivered by Black Afghani usually ends in a night of restful sleep, so make yourself comfortable as you smoke this strain. 

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