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Atomic Bomb

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Atomic Bomb

Atomic Bomb is an evenly balanced hybrid with a strong taste of fuel and berries. With THC levels reaching as high as 26% and generally ranging between 22% and 24%, this strain undoubtedly is best suited for experienced users. A cross between THC Bomb, Chemdawg, and Emerald Triangle, Atomic Bomb offers approximately equal levels of Sativa and Indica (50/50). Offering an energetic and creative cerebral high followed by a full-body relaxation, this hybrid strain is ideal to be smoked later in the afternoon. 

Creative Or Spacey?

Atomic Bomb usually delivers powerful effects on your mind, mood, and body. The first wave of its mental high may offer a rush of euphoria and happy feelings. In this stage, you may find your creative side coming alive thriving on inspiration and increased motivation. 

With this uplifting mental high you may find it easier to focus and get tasks done. Bur after a while, because of the relaxing effects of this evenly balanced hybrid, you may find even your mind easing into a state of comfort. At this point, you might catch yourself spacing out with happy feelings and positive energy accompanying you. 

A Full-Body Relaxation

Atomic Bomb is widely used in the late afternoons for its relaxing abilities. With the comforting high of this marijuana bud, you may find your mind and body get into a state of rest and ease where tensions and aches potentially lose their grip on you.

At this stage of deeper relaxation with a gentle dose of sedation, you may find yourself wanting to curl up on your couch listening to some chill music or scrolling to find a great movie to watch before going to bed. 

Sleepy Feels

Even though Atomic Bomb is not an Indica-dominant strain, many users find that the end stage of its high can offer a comforting and warm sensation of sleepiness. By the end of it, you may feel that your comfy bed is pulling you into it for a restful sleep. 

A Strong Taste

Atomic Bomb doesn’t shy away from delivering a strong taste and thick smoke. With more intense notes of berries and fuel followed by hints of citrus, mint, and chemicals, this marijuana bud might be a fun experience for daring and adventurous individuals. 

With THC levels averaging around 23% and reaching as high as 26%, Atomic Bomb is a cannabis strain for well-seasoned marijuana users. Some find its smoke a bit harsh and thick, so a glass of water might feel good to have.

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