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Animal Cookies

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Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies is the go-to strain for when you need an evening of deep relaxation. This cannabis strain carries the trio effect treating your taste buds to a delicious experience, boosting your mood with euphoria, and relaxing your body into comfort. A cross between Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies, Animal Cookies is the strain for champions to create a highly enjoyable and relaxing evening. 

Sweet And Sour And Overall Delicious

Animal Cookies offers a delicious smoking experience to its users. With a taste of cookie dough, cherry, and vanilla, this cannabis strain easily draws in all users for the experience. Novice users are recommended to steer away from Animal Cookies because its potency is strong and quite intense. 

Even if you are an experienced marijuana smoker, you should be mindful when smoking Animal Cookies. Its potent effects can easily result in a couch-lock state when a higher dose is consumed. But, even this tends to end in a good night’s sleep, which is welcomed especially by those who struggle to fall asleep. 

Relax And Rest

Animal Cookies, also referred to as Animal Crackers, is an Indica-dominant strain that is all about rest and relaxation. It contains around 75% Indica and 25% Sativa with THC levels reaching as high as 27% and averaging around 23%. This cannabis strain brings out the big guns when it comes to effects and potency. 

Besides strength in potency, Animal Cookies is also quick in action. Many users can notice its effects kicking in barely after the first smoke. Its smoke can be somewhat harsh and it is thick, so for some individuals, it may cause some discomfort - just make sure you have water or other non-alcoholic liquids close by to soothe any irritation you might feel. 

Ease And Calmness

The rushing high delivered by Animal Cookies can offer an uplifting state of euphoria and happy feelings followed by a state of calmness and ease. This cannabis bud is the perfect fit for the end of a stressful day. With it, you can easily forget about your troubles and treat yourself - both your mind and body - to a wonderful time at home. 

Animal Cookies can prove to be quite strong even for experienced users, so if you are new to this strain, we recommend a small and slow start to get the best experience. 

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