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Amnesia Haze

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Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze bears a striking name due to its potent effects. The 80% Sativa heritage gives a great energetic potential to this strain. The citric flavour combines perfectly with the earthy and sweet fragrance. The THC concentration ranges between 20-20%. Such high levels of THC aren’t recommended for people looking for a CBD-dominant experience. Amnesia haze isn't the strain for that, though. You should use this strain strictly for its Sativa effects.

Sweet lemon flavour

The flavour and fragrance of Amnesia Haze will stump even the most veteran of weed enthusiasts:

  • Flavour – Amnesia Haze delivers intense lemon and citric flavours. The sweet aftertaste will leave your mind in a haze, hence the name of the strain.
  • Fragrance – The only difference between its flavour and fragrance is a slight hint of earthiness when you smell it.
  • Looks – Amnesia Haze nugs are light-green, with dark-brown hairs dotting them. Finally, there’s the frosted layer of crystal trichomes covering everything.

High THC at 20-22%

Thanks to the high THC concentration, this strain isn’t for novices. Amnesia Haze delivers an impactful cerebral high right from the get-go. You’ll start laughing at everything, happiness all around you. You may also feel more creative during this euphoria breeze. As the burn reaches a peak, you’ll feel relaxed and optimistic all-around. This strain is your best friend when anxious or depressed!

Sativa-dominant hybrid

Two of its parents are Sativas, so what else could Amnesia Haze be but a Sativa-dominant hybrid? Thanks to this lineage, this weed strain delivers unimaginable euphoria, creativity, and a feeling of wellbeing rocking through your body. You should use this strain during daytime to ward off stress, overthinking, and negative thoughts. The 20% Indica means the CBD levels are too low to help you fall asleep faster. It won’t sedate you, not by a long-shot.

Jamaican x Laotian x Afghan Hawaiian

Amnesia Haze is a crossbreed of two Sativas, Jamaican and Laotian, as well as an Indica-dominant strain, the Aghan Hawaiian strain:

  • Jamaican – The pure 100% Sativa strain has a THC range between 13-21%, making this a very euphoric strain. Its spicy and herbal flavour are delicious as well.
  • Laotian – The clear-headed high provided by pure Sativa Laotian brings you a sense of motivation and peak performance. You’ll also feel creative and focused on achieving your goals.
  • Afghan Hawaiian – Indica-dominant hybrid that brings intense euphoria during the first few moments. After the peak subsides, you’ll feel immensely relaxed and comfortable. You’ll still be functional, though.
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