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Alien Sour Apple

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Alien Sour Apple

Alien Sour Apple comes as a result of crossing Alien Dawg and Sour Apple. The result is a fresh and delicious strain with a super high THC concentration. Its balanced effects will ensure a combination of euphoria and relaxation coming over you. The cerebral and physical effects are entirely worth it, especially when it improves your mood and relaxes your stressed body!

Apple-berry and peppery flavour

This strain brings together some of the freshest and most delicious flavours you’ve experienced. If you’re into fresh strains, this is for you:

  • Flavour – Between the peppery-chemical flavour and the apple-berry aroma, there’s a hint of sweetness that coaxes your taste buds into accepting Alien Sour Apple into your heart.
  • Fragrance – You can expect the same apple-infused aroma, with hints of berry and lemon this time. A sweet yet somewhat rough whiff of earthiness contrasts with the sweetness!
  • Looks – With condensed and super-long buds that look oversized, this strain is covered in a milky-crystalized layer of trichomes. The fiery-orange hairs set the course for an impressive visual impact.

Excellent THC concentration at 20-28%

Alien Sour Apple is a true monster with 20-28% THC concentration. When it reaches that maximum level, you can expect some of the most potent psychoactive effects you’ve tried. Energetic and electrifying euphoria, enhanced creativity, improved motivation, foggy focus, and peerless sedation – these are some of the few effects you can expect.

At first, a nice and energetic surge of euphoria fills your mind with enthusiasm and happy thoughts. You’re no longer hard-pressed by psychological pressure or sadness. Instead, you can enjoy your free time with Alien Sour Apple. After the euphoria is done, sedation and relaxation are in store!

Balanced hybrid

What makes Alien Sour Apple great is the perfect balance between Sativa and Indica, offering a peerless combination of euphoria and sedation. While you never know what to expect from other hybrids, this one is pretty straightforward. It’ll make you get to a state of peace and comfort, where your mind is both enthusiastic and calm.

Alien Dawg X Sour Apple

Alien Sour Apple is a cross between two great strains – Alien Dawg and Sour Apple. These two strains are quite well-known on the Canadian market:

  • Alien Dawg – A chemical and diesel-infused strain with a 70% Indica dominance, Alien Dawg can really mess with your mind with its 14-21% THC concentration. It’s super sweet, woody, and delicious!
  • Sour Apple – The 80% Indica strain with 14-17% THC, Sour Apple has a very fresh and electrifying apple taste, with hints of lemon and citric sweetness. It’s quite the sticky and resinous strain, as well.
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