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Alien OG

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Alien OG

Alien OG offers a combination of creative, energetic, and relaxing effects that stem from its balanced profile. With 50% Sativa and 50% Indica inheritance, Alien OG is perfectly fit for all types of consumers. Those looking for a happy and creative high will find that this strain is a quick-acting energetic booster. It’ll improve your mood in a split second, and send your mind to fantasy lands faster than you can process it. If you’re looking for relaxation and sedation, then Alien OG can also help you achieve that sweet comfort!

Sweet, lemon-pine flavour

There’s nothing more pleasant to the taste and delicious than Alien OG’s lemon-infused pine and sweet aroma:

  • Flavour – You won’t be able to resist the highly-intense lemon flavour that oozes from its every pore. There’s a hint of spicy pine and sweet woody freshness coming on the exhale, as well.
  • Fragrance – Once you break the nugs apart, you’ll be welcomed by a skunky and pungent lemon aroma that descends into a bit of pine freshness.
  • Looks – Alien OG looks stupendous and certainly unique. With its small, dark-green nugs, coloured by shades of purple, fiery-orange hairs, and a coat of crystalized trichomes, you can’t avoid being impressed.

High THC at 20-26%

When a weed strain has this much THC, its effects are bound to be powerful and potent. And this is exactly the case with Alien OG. Once you take that first toke, your brain gets flooded with a wave of powerful euphoria and energy. It’s all about to go down in your head, improving your mood and elevating your energy levels. This leads to a state of deep creativity that never ends until you whip out your imaginative drives. It’s a form of happiness that doesn’t end too soon.

This strain will also help you focus and relax, while energizing your body with rejuvenation and regeneration. Your stress and exhaustion should disappear rather quickly, as well. It’s all about relaxation and sedation when the high reaches a peak, since Alien OG is half Indica, half Sativa.

Balanced hybrid profile

Alien OG is 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, which leads to a mélange of psychoactive effects, some of which are energetic, while others are relaxing and sedative. You’ll benefit from both in your own way. Your mind and body will certainly love the soothing relaxation and electrifying euphoria offered by Alien OG!

Tahoe OG X Alien Kush

Alien OG is the offspring of two equally unique and alienish strains:

  • Tahoe OG – This strain comes packing 15-20% THC, with a 90% Indica profile, and a lemon-infused flavour. Now we know where Alien OG got its flavour from. Tahoe OG is very relaxing, to the point where it puts you to sleep instantly.
  • Alien Kush – A balanced hybrid with 12-14% THC, this strain smells of berries, herbal extracts, earthiness, and tastes of spicy berries and sweet wood. Its effects are very euphoric and relaxing!


Verified Purchase
5 out of 5

Best high of my life

Verified Purchase
5 out of 5

These buds looks GREAT. I almost want to just eat them.

Verified Purchase
5 out of 5

I have tried Alien OG many times over the years but I've never seen buds cured this perfectly as the ones I got from Chronisseur. Really top shelf premium. Great flavours, exceptional even. Very impressed.

Verified Purchase
5 out of 5

I love it!! It helped me with my chronic pain. And my depression and anxiety.

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