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Afghani Kush

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Afghani Kush

Afghani Kush is an exotic strain coming from the midst of the Hindu Kush mountains, just like other famous strains. We like to believe that anything coming from over there has something special to it. And Afghani Kush does have something special, a super high CBD concentration, at 6%. Its THC level goes up to 17-21%, offering relaxing and euphoric effects. The progression of the cerebral and physical effects follows the usual routine, though this time, everything is more potent!

Herbal, spicy and sweet flavour

Afghani Kush has a peculiar flavour, given its origins, with a bit more complexity than your average strain. Its general characteristics go something like this:

  • Flavour – The overall flavour is tied to sweet pine and spicy floral kush, with a dash of pungent earthiness and skunky herbal extracts. It’s quite tasty, overall!
  • Fragrance – The kush and pungent earthiness make the most of your experience with Afghani Kush. A floral aroma will come forward when you start crumbling the nugs.
  • Looks – The live plant has shades of orange-purple running down the leaves, while the dried strain is light-green, with orange hairs and a coat of crystalized trichomes on it.

High THC at 17-21%

One of the best things about Afghani Kush is its high THC concentration, which leads to potent psychoactive and relaxing effects. Everything is about potency here, and what starts with an explosive wave of rush-euphoria continues with a feeling of lethargy, physical laziness, and utmost relaxation. With this relaxation also comes sedation, which further improves your mood and that feeling of perfect relaxation you were waiting for.

If you’re an insomniac, then Afghani Kush should be just perfect to help you sleep. It’s a great strain in this sense, thanks to its intense recreational and psychoactive effects that promote peak relaxation. You can’t help but fall asleep once you start smoking this tasty strain. Everything happens as predicted, really!

Pure Indica profile

Afghani Kush is no hybrid. It’s a pure Indica strain coming right from the Hindu Kush mountains. Its origins are blazed in legends, and its effects can only be described as excellent. Once you get over the euphoric overdrive shown at the beginning, you’ll go toward a state of ultimate sedation that helps your body relax and find that sweet comfort. You’ve been looking for a peak form of relaxation for so long, and it’s here now!

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