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24k Gold

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24k Gold

This cannabis strain, also known as Kosher Tangie or 24K, can offer long-lasting and powerful effects to its users. Because of its strength in potency, 24K Gold is mainly recommended for experienced users. This marijuana plant comes from crossing the uplifting Tangie Sativa flower with the award-winning Indica Kosher Kush. 24K Gold boasts of THC levels that have been measured as high as 24-26% which is why this strain might prove to be too powerful for cannabis novices. 

A Sweet Orange Smoke

24K Gold is known for its deliciously sweet and highly aromatic fragrance profile. A wonderful aroma of citrusy orange notes complemented by hints of cinnamon, spices, and pine add to the experience of smoking or vaping this marijuana flower. 

The taste of 24K Gold is just as good as its fragrance. Strong notes of tangerine and orange with a pinch of cinnamon treats your taste buds like royalty. Many who have smoked this strain have noted that they can even detect an enjoyable amount of peppery taste upon exhale. Smoking 24K Gold, you can expect a smooth but thick smoke that shouldn’t be too harsh on your throat. Make sure you have water close by. This will help soothe the mild irritation you might experience in your throat or lungs. 

A 24 Karat Golden Treat Just For You

This cannabis flower can help you feel good, as in really good. After a day where a stressful situation might have gotten the best of you (or perhaps the worst of you), wouldn’t you want to have a strain that is as great as a 24 karat gold? Well, there is no coincidence that 24K Gold strain has the name it has. 

This highly potent strain can help you fully relax as it makes you feel uplifted and euphoric. It might even cause some happy giggles to break out, especially in a fun setting with friends or family members. 

If you are a creative soul, who enjoys painting or maybe even creating music, then 24K Gold is the kick you want to have to elevate your creativity. This Indica-dominant plant can help you create something truly amazing while enabling you to tap into a state of bliss and happiness. 

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